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If you're unable to visit the station shelters and see our WW1 posters,
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(and then please email/call 352768 to notify choice/availability)
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Important Dates
Next newsletter November
Autumn Usage Survey
Saturday 11th October - Friday 31st October (not all the trains!)
Business meeting Tuesday, 4th November At the council Chambers, Civic Centre
Christmas Quiz Tuesday, 11th November 7:30p.m. at the Three Tuns 135 Cemetry Road, Dronfield S18 1XX

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Call TrainTracker on 0871 200 49 50
Text DRO to 84950 (Text is not free)

Meetings are nomally held at 7:00pm at Gosforth Lodge
Gosforth Lodge is in Cliffe Park, Callywhite Lane , Dronfield  S18 2XR
(Unless otherwise stated)